Fifa 16 : Team of the Year Attackers

So the newest additions to blue cards have been added to Fifa 16 : Ultimate Team, and they are, Messi the Ballon d’or winner, with a RW 99 rated card. Ronaldo with a LW 98 rated card and finally Neymar another LW with 97 rated card




So now all of the TOTY 16 players have been released and the next post will put them all together

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FIFA 16: Team of the Year Midfielders

So the midfielder are out in this years TOTY (Team of the Year) in Fifa 16 Ultimate Team, and the cards are:





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FIFA 16 Team of the Year Keepers and Defenders Announced

So its that time of the year again, the market is crashing and the blue players are out again so the first cards to be announced in TOTY are:




Thiago Silva

Sergio Ramos

Dani Alves



Next up is the midfielders so check back soon tomorrow

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Have they ruined Gun Game in Black ops 3.

call of duty black ops 3

So since it came out in Call of duty : Black Ops, Gun Game has been one of my goto game modes for fun. Running around like a headless chicken trying to advance to the next weapon and avoid being stabbed at all costs, so that your not demoted a gun. But now there is a certain essence of the game been that has been destroyed for me in the new addition to the call of duty series Black ops 3.

The addition of a continuous UAV to the entire round, i understand that it stops people camping, but on the other side it removes a huge aspect of skill from the game. Learning known hiding spots or listening out for footsteps when somebody is coming. Now all you can do is stare at your mini map waiting for somebody to be close to get a kill.

In my opinion adding the UAV to a game like this it has complet...

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